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K-Series Light Tackle Rods
The K-Series includes spin and conventional rods in a range of powers that cover everything from shallow water fluking to tuna. All are built on light, sensitive, strong composite blanks, blending the crisp action of graphite with the deep bend of glass. This line started with specific applications in mind, but has grown as anglers have discovered the rods offer a different and in many cases ideal approach.
  • Pricing for standard rods - up to 7', black wraps, composite reel seats, foam grips, rubber gimbal, name, and fish decals
  • Colored wrap options - Add $30
  • Cork, X-Flock, web nylon, or cork tape handle options - Add $30
  • Long rod (over 7', up to 8') option - Add $40 (available only for 112K, 165K, and 250K)
  • Machined Aluminum reel seat and aluminum gimbal options - Add $14

John Achille putting steam on a big mahi that saw the boat and went deep. Summer 2019!!
Model# Description Price
65K Light - 10-20 lb line, 3/4-3 ounce, Fluke/Tog Jig/Bay and River $195
90K Medium Light - 15-25 lb line, 1-4 ounce, Fluke/Tog Jig/Striper $195
112K* Medium - 20-30 lb line, 2-6 ounce, Fluke/Seabass/Striper $195
165K* Medium Light - 25-40 lb line, 3-10 ounce, Tog/Striper/Seabass $195
250K* Heavy - 30-50 lb line, 8-20 ounce, Deep Seabass, Cod, Tuna $205

Prices subject to change, call for most current pricing.

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